Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Two Year Anniversary

Steve and I celebrated our two year anniversary on November 3rd. We got married at Atlantis in the Bahamas because it is where we first confessed our feelings for each other just over a year before we actually married. We talked about going back every year for our anniversary. However, Steve's business was real busy last November so we didn't make it back until February. Having just been there in February, we thought it would be silly to come back again in November for our 2nd anniversary. We also decided, before our first anniversary, that we'd celebrate the traditional way with traditionally themed gifts.

Well, this year's theme is cotton. Naturally, I googled good ideas for 2nd anniversary (cotton) gifts. The best idea was good egyptian cotton towels. This was especially perfect because we could use new towels after buying some cheap ones, not too long ago, that are coming apart already. I thought that I'd get the towels monogrammed with our initials, as well, for that extra special anniversary touch. After pricing some towels out, I realized that good towels don't come cheap. Since I'm the one in our house that budgets our money and pays the bills, I realized we might be better off buying these towels for each other. So I talked to Steve about it and things got weird. It seemed Steve was going to buy towels for me too. BUT, there was something else. He insisted there was another gift and that he had to buy the towels because it all goes together. After an hour of negotiating, trying to save us money, Steve spilled the beans that he was going to put our reservations for Atlantis inside the towels for me to open on our anniversary, Tuesday, and we would then leave the following Friday. I was so mad at myself for ruining what would have been the nicest surprise anyone has ever given me. I just didn't expect it. I realized, though, that it was still the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me because it is the thought that counts after all, isn't it?!?! Oh well, off to the bahamas we go, and for the first time ever, we get to take our son to our very special place!

We're back now. Needless to say, we had an absolute blast and Noah probably enjoyed it more than we ever have.

Here Noah stands on the beach that Steve and I got married on. I wonder if it's us he's thinking about:

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